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upbraid v : express criticism towards; "The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior" [syn: reproach]

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upbreiden; upp up + bregdan to draw, twist, weave, or the kindred; bregða to draw, brandish, braid, deviate from, change, break off, upbraid. See up, and braid (transitive).


  • /ˌʌpˈbreɪd/
  • Rhymes with: -eɪd


  1. The act of reproaching; contumely.


The act of reproaching


  1. To charge with something wrong or disgraceful; to reproach; to cast something in the teeth of; -- followed by with or for, and formerly of, before the thing imputed.
    • Mark 16:14,
      And upbraided them with their unbelief.
  2. To reprove severely; to rebuke; to chide.
    • Matthew 11:20,
      Then began he to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works were done.
    • Sir P. Sidney ,
      How much doth thy kindness upbraid my wickedness!
  3. To treat with contempt.
  4. To object or urge as a matter of reproach; to cast up; -- with to before the person.
  5. archaic intransitive To utter upbraidings.


to charge with something wrong or disgraceful
  • Portuguese: reprovar
to reprove
  • Portuguese: reprovar

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

admonish, bawl out, berate, bring to book, call to account, castigate, censure, chastise, chew out, chide, correct, dress down, give a dressing-down, have words with, lash, lecture, objurgate, rate, rebuke, reprehend, reprimand, reproach, reprove, revile, scold, set down, set straight, spank, straighten out, take down, take to task, tell off, tick off, tongue-lash, vituperate
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